Customer Support

Baxi is here to help you look after your heating and hot water products for the whole of their lifetime.

Registering a warranty

If you are the householder:

  • Please register your warranty by filling in this form 
  • Or you can fill in the warranty card that comes with your new boiler and post it in the envelope provided

If you are an installer and a member of our works loyalty scheme:

  • You can register the warranty here

If you are not a member of our works loyalty scheme:

Please register the warranty by filling in this form. You can find out about the benefits of works here

Servicing your boiler

Repairing your boiler

  • In warranty - if your boiler is still under warranty, please contact your installer or the merchant where you bought it.  They will arrange a free of charge repair
  • Out of warranty - if the warranty on your boiler has run out, call your original installer or find a local Registered Gas Installer on the Registered Gas Installers of Ireland website

Find parts and manuals for discontinued products

Finding a replacement product