Home heating tips

We have compiled some tips to help you save energy and reduce your home heating bills.

  •  Make sure your boiler is a high efficiency, condensing model. If your boiler has a pilot light or is more than 10 years old, it is probably only around 70% efficient - that means for every Euro you spend, you are only getting 70 cents of heating out! New boilers are over 90% efficient, so you will save money on your gas bill straight away! You may be eligible for a grant to help with the cost of replacing your boiler
  • If you don't have one, get a room thermostat fitted, so you can control the temperature of your rooms. Thermostatic radiator valves and central heating timers will also help you save money by not having the heating on when you aren't home or heating rooms you aren't using
  • Turn down your central heating room thermostat by just 1°C - you could save 10% off your heating bill, and you probably won't even notice the difference! You could even try turning it down a bit more, and finding the best temperature for you. Many people simply set the thermostat too high and never change it.
  • Set the timer for your boiler so you can control when the heating goes on and off - you'll have heating and hot water when you need it, and won't be paying for it when you don't.
  • If you have a hot water cylinder, the thermostat should be set no higher than 60 degrees. And make sure the cylinder and pipes around it are well lagged so the precious heat doesn't escape!

Download Baxi's Energy Saving Tips Booklet here.