Baxi Assure

Each Baxi Assure product is specifically designed to be cost-effective, energy-efficient and reliable. The range includes compact, discreet boilers and cylinders that are easy to install in even the smallest of spaces.


Baxi Assure Combi

The Baxi Assure Combi provides energy efficient and reliable hot water on demand.

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Baxi Assure 500 System 2

The Baxi Assure 500 System boiler is the perfect solution for homes with more than one bathroom or a high demand for hot water and is compatible with the Baxi cylinder and the Megaflo Eco cylinder.

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Baxi Assure Heat

The light weight heat only gas boiler has a compact design and discreet rear flue option.

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Baxi Assure

The Baxi Assure Direct cylinder delivers market-leading performance, reliability and affordability.

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Baxi Assure Indirect

The internal expansion system means it is easy to install with no unsightly expansion vessels.

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Baxi Assure SystemFit

The SystemFit offers impeccable performance whilst being kind to the environment

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Baxi Assure SystemReady

Built using market leading cylinder technology, the SystemReady cylinder offers impeccable performance

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